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freya is a soft folk singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand.


darkness trembles beneath the surface of freya's music.

through poetic, wise lyrics, ambient soundscsapes, and moving vocals, she explores deep emotions of love, loss, and desperation. 

"freya voices the kaleidoscopic emotions of youth, from the spacious, intelligent perspective of a goddess knowing more than she lets on" - Danica Bryant ( review)

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find easy access links to information about me on many different platforms (social medias, all of my music, reviews of my EP...) below:

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to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact:

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freya's debut studio EP is avaliable on all streaming platforms

released 16 July 2021, ‘wildest creatures i've dreamed’ is a collection of five powerfully evocative original songs written by freya, developed in collaboration with producers Harry Charles and Morgan Allen.

in this EP, freya's songs evolve from sparse guitar and delicate singing into a rich soundscape of rapture and choral crescendos that leave you breathless and uplifted

listen closely and be moved...

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Below are posts from my Instagram page, @freyadelargey

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